Personalpages is a new location for the staff web pages formely hosted on the Sun server Waldorf, (nee 1999).
The new server runs on the virtual infrastucture which required changing from Sun Solaris on Sparc processor to Linux on Intel x64.
The personalpages service is available to all staff, but you need to activate it.

Home pages:
Old URL:<username>
New URL:<username>

The old URLs can be requested to work via sym-links.

The old staff web sites will not be copied en-mass as many are unsupported. Data may be copied on request.

The users web site must belong to a current member of staff, and be maintaned. Refer to the Legal Issues

Suitable content, proffessional and personal interests, CV's, Research, No Teaching resources, which should be on the E-Learrning platform. This is a production server, so no testing code.

How to use:

To activate your personal page, connect using Windows Explorer to \\personalpages\<username>
In \\personalpages\<username> there is a shortcut named "personalpages"
After activation you do not use \\personalpages\<username> for web publishing.
\\personalpages\personalpages is the home of your website ( it uses your windows login ID to identify you )
You may copy the shortcut to a location of your choice.
You can map a network drive, "W" by convention, to \\personalpages\personalpages
The index file can be index.htm or index.html
The server is case sensitive.

Quota:    Your personal page has a quota limit set 

Technologies: SSH Samba Apache PHP Apache_ASP MySQL